Congratulations, you’re about to get married! It’s one of the most exciting times in your life, but it could also be one that’s quite stressful. Planning for a wedding includes about a hundred different elements at least, and each of them has to come in on budget so that you don’t start your new life with your new wife in serious debt. Because of this, the first question many grooms have when they start wedding planning is: how much does it cost to rent wedding tuxedos in Southern Wisconsin?

The answer to that will vary, depending on the metro Milwaukee mens formalwear store that you choose, and your location in Southern Wisconsin. Typically, the average cost for a tuxedo will range from $75 - $200, and that could be the cost of each tux you need, including those for your groomsmen. This cost could also be slightly higher, especially if you plan on wearing the best in designer menswear on your big day. Depending on the store you chose, you could even get your wedding tuxedo rental for free, depending on how many others in your wedding party also need to rent a tux.

The cost will also go up if you neglect to return your tuxedo on time, so make sure you do so. Typically tuxedo rentals are due back the day after you rented them, and there could be hefty fees if it’s not. If you are unable to return your tux on time, make sure you ask one of your groomsmen to do it for you, to keep you on budget before, and after, the wedding.

When you need a really great price on rental wedding tuxedos, come see us at Harleys in Shorewood. We have all the styles you’re looking for, to keep you looking sharp and your budget intact on your big day!

April 27, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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