There is no mens fashion accessory that is more necessary throughout the Milwaukee winter than a good pair of gloves. Can you believe that the first pair of Dents gloves were created over two centuries ago, in 1777, when John Dent hand-cut and hand-sewed his very first pair in his old timber house? It’s true, and since that time the company has laid within the family’s hands; even though they now hire hundreds of craftsmen throughout the world to create their handmade garments.

Today, not much has changed. Dents is still making gloves using only the finest leathers found in Worcester and London, England. The keenest eyes are the only ones good enough to ensure that each glove, made entirely by hand, isn’t just secure and sturdy enough to keep out the cold, but also fashionable enough to be worn as part of an outdoor outfit. The fit, which Dents has always known is the most important part of any glove, is still unique; and still chiseled into a cut that will fit not just like any glove, but like the perfect glove.

That fit is customized to every customer through the 20 different sizes Dents provides for their gloves, and each one of those sizes also comes with their own pattern to up the customization factor even more. It’s also that pattern that allows the consumer to easily distinguish between the different sizes and patterns.

Making a pair of Dents doesn’t mean simply running two pieces of leather through a machine. It involves an entire process that delivers only one result – the best pair of gloves anyone could ever wear. When it’s time for you to try out a pair, you don’t have to go all the way to Europe to do it. Just come see us at Harleys, and pick out your own customized style from the many different varieties they offer.

October 17, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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