When men think of performance golfwear they often think of the designs that are specially made to enhance your actual game on the green. These styles include features such as moisture-wicking fabric and extra elasticity to give you even more follow-through. But the next time you’re looking for the best mens sportswear give a second thought to what it will do for you and your wardrobe when you’re off the course.

That’s just what Georg Roth has done; and you’ll reap the benefits whenever you wear one of his lines.

Georg Roth sports shirts focus exclusively on design, and the best of it that’s available! With fun loud prints and patterns, these button-down shirts come in perfect hues for the spring, including a light olive green or sea blue, both with brown accents. The trademark of these shirts is really the wide band of rolled up cuffs that look best when worn just at the elbow.

If it’s not sportswear you’re looking for, but you need the newest looks in men’s casual and dress shirts, Georg Roth can provide you with many different styles there, too. With designs in tiny checks and broad plaids, and with or without that rolled up sleeve, Roth offers a design to suit every taste.

Whatever style you’re looking for, or tone you’re trying to set, come see us at Georg Roth to see all we have to offer from this designer. We are the best place to buy mens clothes in Milwaukee and we offer Roth alongside many other high quality designers!

January 25, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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