Whether you’re looking for the best mens sportswear to wear out on the boat this weekend, or you’re looking for luxury clothing for men, Paul & Shark will have the perfect pieces for your wardrobe.

Paul & Shark’s Yachting collection is full of pieces to keep you warm and dry when out on the waves. With sleeveless vests and waterproof jackets you’ll be able to face any element that comes your way; and the button down shirts available in checked patterns or solids will keep you looking fine.

If you need even more protection than that for what the weekend holds though, you need to check out the Typhoon 20000 collection. Here you’ll find all your mens outerwear including hooded jackets, varsity jackets, and quilted jackets that will keep you warm on any cool and dreary fall day.

When it’s time to get cleaned up, Paul & Shark bring their Luxury collection. Here you’ll again find outerwear, but this time with a bit more polish to them; and you’ll also find knit sweaters and quilts to keep you warm while staying fashionable.

These three are just a few of the collections you’ll find in Paul & Shark’s newest lines. The Black collection, the Paul Shark Competition line, Guardia Costiera, the Admirals’ collection, and the Heritage Logo Collection are just a few of the lines you’ll find and they all have something unique to offer.

When you want to check out all that Paul & Shark has to offer, come see us at Harleys. We are the experienced mens apparel store that’s always keeping an eye out for fresh and new pieces to bring to you!


August 17, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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