Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means that the middle of June is just around the corner too. Holy moly, where in the world does the Summer go? We swear it’s always gone in a blink of an eye, but perhaps that’s because being based in Wisconsin it’s our only reprieve from our 9-month winter.

While Father’s Day inevitably means firing up the grill, maybe splashing in the pool for a bit, or perhaps heading to the ball game at Miller Park… It also means finding that perfect gift for your dad. Gone are the days of grabbing a cheap tie from your local department store, or a pack of cheap boxers from the nearest big box store. You dad is someone who has cheered you on your entire life, coached you in little-league, helped sell coupon booklets door-to-door in high school, and lugged boxes up six flights of stairs on your college move-in day. For all that your dad has done for you it’s time to treat him to the best Father’s Day yet. Here are our top 5 gift ideas for Father’s Day 2018.

2UNDR - These underwear will quickly become your favorite, and your dad’s favorite too. Not only are they super soft and comfortable, the 2UNDR team has worked tirelessly to make sure they have created the best underwear for men on the market. They have their patented Joey Pouch which ensures that everything is exactly where it should be. All of their underwear have flatlocked stitching, which is not only incredibly durable, but also are flat to ensure there’s no uncomfortable chafing. Other features include their “No-Drip-Tip” which wicks away the dreaded and uncomfortable moisture that can build up on any day, and it also is in a fabric which is designed to let airflow move throughout.

Gusto Spices - Is your dad someone who is a wiz at barbecue? Then a pack of Gusto Spices is the perfect, and the most unique option for you. These not only make great Father’s Day gifts, but also great gifts for groomsmen or ushers if you’re struggling to find a nice way to say thank you to the men who are standing up in your wedding. There are dozens of options, from gift sets which include multiple spices in a bag so you get a taste, literally, of everything. To rubs specialized for just chicken, or only veggies. Find one that you are especially drawn to? They also stock just the single spices and you can get them from 4 ounces, up to the pound.

Rhone Commuter Pants - The talented people over at Rhone spent two years designing these incredible pants. While they might look like your typical dress slack, the commuter pant is SO. MUCH. MORE. The pants are designed with a flex knit fabric which means they are essentially the men’s version of yoga pants, but we promise they don’t fit as tightly. In fact every man who has tried them on in our store swears by them. The best part about these pants is the fact that not only are they comfortable, but they’re available in a wide range of colors which means that no matter the season you can always be in comfort and style. Believe us when we say that your dad for sure not only wants, but also needs a pair of these pants.

Personalized Cooler - Does your dad take his beer very seriously? Is he the type of guy who even goes as far to bring his own six-pack to a friend’s house for dinner so that he can always have his beer of choice close at hand? (If he does, we want to be friends. We like guys who take their beer seriously.) He will lose his mind over this personalized cooler. It comes in 3 colors, though we are a bit partial to the olive green, and there’s tons of thread options to make sure that everyone knows that it’s HIS cooler. The cooler is made of super durable polyester and the lining is PVC free. It holds up to 12 bottles of beer, or 18 cans, and to top it all off… The zipper pull is a bottle cap opener. Maybe you’re thinking that this is the perfect gift for yourself, and you wouldn’t be wrong… But make sure to order one for your pops too.

M. Singer Polos - If your dad is one of the classic, preppy, dressers, then this shirt is for him. The M. Singer polos are not only incredibly soft, (they’re 100% cotton), they’re made in the USA. It’s always nice to support companies that produce their products within the US and provide jobs for people here at home. They fit true to size and hug your body comfortably, they aren’t too baggy, or too small which leaves people wondering if you accidentally threw it in the dryer for too long. They are also machine washable which is great for the man on the go who doesn’t have time to drop off his clothing at the dry-cleaners every week. Looking for the perfect shirt that doesn’t have branding or logos all over them? This shirt is perfect. Oh and don’t forget, they also come in kids so if you need some great matching shirts for family photos then you can’t go wrong with this polo!


So there you have it! That's our 2018 Father's Day gift guide. Stop into the store to pick up any of the three clothing items, or give us a call. Links are included for the cooler and spices if you want to go that way... Or hey, if you really want to show your dad some love, get all five item for him!

We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and a wonderful Father's Day!

- The Modern Man Team





May 25, 2018 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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