Sixty years ago, reaching back to the 1950s, it wasn’t such a rarity for men to wear suits to work. In fact, it was the standard. But somewhere over the years, metro Milwaukee mens formalwear at the office started to give way to casual Fridays; and those soon turned into casual work weeks. Even just five years ago, it wasn’t odd to see a man going to work in khakis and button-downs every day. But now, the fashion tides are turning once again. And the younger generation just entering the workforce want to go back to suits!

The demand for formalwear has spiked just in recent years, say fashion designers and fashion retailers. Men who are entering or about to enter the workforce are turning away from the looks that even the best mens sportswear and other casual wear can provide. This generation is demanding more than just polos and blazers, and is starting to make the jump to suits and formalwear once again. And they’re going full throttle with that demand, too!

It’s not just about suits, it’s about suits that are made to measure, providing a sharp look that’s just not possible when buying off-the-rack. This generation of men knows that cut and fit matter – and a great deal, too – and they know it’s this unique element that makes their everyday suits look even better.  

The look of formalwear is back! And while we’ve loved the many different casual styles throughout the years, we’re also celebrating the fact that men are now demanding these professional and sophisticated looks for the office more and more!


February 08, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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