Bowties can look smashing when worn with metro Milwaukee mens formalwear, or even just a sharp-looking blazer and some jeans. But just as bowties can look really good, they can also look really bad. Too often men make common mistakes with these mens fashion accessories, turning them from fashion forward to a fashion faux-pas. To make sure that never happens to you, don’t make these critical mistakes.

A tie that’s not tied properly
Ties that are too short or too long in the bow, or that have a messy knot will automatically detract from the look, no matter how jazzy that tie is. Always make sure you know how to tie a bowtie and if you don’t, wear one that’s pre-tied.

Not tying for the occasion
There are some really sophisticated bowties out there, and there are some crazy ones. Bows with pots of gold on them for St. Patrick’s Day, Santa Clause ties, or ties that just have bold pictures of clowns or hands on them can all be fun, but they have their own time and place. These are never to be worn to a formal function, or with wedding tuxedos Southern Wisconsin (unless of course, it’s to go with the theme.) Know when to wear these, and only then will you make the statement you’re aiming for.

Stained or wrinkled ties
There’s not a lot of material on a bowtie, but they can still become stained and it’s often quite easy for them to get wrinkled, too. Just as if your suit or tuxedo was stained or wrinkled, this is one of the worst mistakes you can make, as it will make you look sloppy and uncaring about your appearance.

Bowties are highly fashionable, and when you wear one properly, you will be too. Make sure you avoid these mistakes, and you’ll always be one step ahead of the style crowd!

March 11, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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