Spring is here in Shorewood, but that means so are April showers. Groan. Heavy precipitation poses a conflict between fashion and practicality, which all too often ends in discomfort and ruined shoes.

But, there is a solution. Your sartorial savior this season is SWIMS, a Norwegian shoe line that makes water-resistant loafers and sneaks so cool it’s hard to tell they are functional.

You may know SWIMS as the makers of the chic rubber overshoe (or galosh), a legendary invention that allows you to wear your favorite shoes in inclement weather without fear of ruining them. The company makes loafers and shoes too, which we are going to talk about today.

SWIMS is the creation of Johan Ringdal, who struggled as young art student in New York City, to dress well and protect his favorite shoes from the city’s frequent wet, harsh weather. He sought many solutions to the fashion vs. practicality conundrum posed by New York City, only to come up short. Then one day, he came upon an old, sturdy pair of his grandfather’s galoshes, and was inspired to create what he calls “the modern galosh,” a sleek rubber cover that you slip on over your shoes and slip off when you get where you’re going, no shoe changing required.

As the success of it’s posh galosh grew, SWIMS added loafers and sneakers. They are equally weather-resistant, and even more stylish.

Check out the company’s video showcasing their loafers:

SWIMS are perfect for Wisconsin’s rainy or damp spring days, and are exponentially more functional and better-looking than plastic baggies wrapped around your feet.

Also, your sartorial savvy will be the talk of the town. To get people murmuring, come see us at Harleys for our full selection of SWIMS shoes.

April 07, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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