Jeans are as American as apple pie. From miners in the 1800's to James Dean, the Fonz, and the nerd-chic techies in Silicon Valley, jeans are a most democratic fashion staple. You can build a house, joyride in your '69 Dodge Charger, code an app, or sip on a $400 bottle of vodka at the swankiest lounge in Shorewood or Milwaukee, all in a pair of jeans (styles vary accordingly, of course).

A pair of Levis 501s may be the most emblematic of the all-American jean, but other notable brands that capture the heart of America's denim culture have emerged since Mr. Strauss debuted his blues in the 1800s. One such brand is Agave, a California-based denim line that has perfected the luxury jeans look.

Agave infuses a casual West Cost aesthetic into their jeans, making them the perfect choice for the guy who wants to look like style comes as naturally to him as a warm Pacific Ocean breeze.

It should also be noted that Agave's jeans are some of the highest quality, most durable jeans in the world. Their durability is inspired by the brand's namesake--the agave plant. The agave plant is native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, and is known for its extreme toughness. It can survive droughts, pesky deer, and live for basically forever (or well, generally 10-25 years).

 A field of agave plants

And let's not forget the agave plant's most important characteristic: it turns into tequila. (So, I suppose it's good that agave isn't totally indestructible, right?)

Anyway, given its namesake, it is no wonder Agave jeans are durable, last forever, and look amazing. They are also made in America and in the most eco-friendly way possible.

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July 18, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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