In the year 2000 mens fashion denim designer Adriano Goldschmied teamed up with the expert of the manufacturing world, Yul Ku and together, they created something that is now one of the top luxury mens clothing line, AG Denim for Men.

It started with Goldschmied’s vision for a jean that would bring men all the style they craved, without causing multiple harmful effects on the environment at the same time. When he joined up with Ku, who knew how to create such a jean using very few chemicals, and cutting water consumption in half during the process, the two were unstoppable. Today, this denim line is one of the few that recycles every single scrap of material they have, and that uses Ozone Technology. This process ensures that less energy is being wasted throughout the entire process.

Today Ku’s son, Samuel Ku, has taken over the design team but the collections still exude the polished look, modern fabrics, and perfect fits that the brand has always been known for. And in addition to these elegant looks, AG has also expanded into the world of sportswear, offering the chicest designs to both men and women athletes.

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September 08, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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