Reason enough: You get to hang out with these good lookin' fellas

There are many benefits to shopping in a specialty store like Harleys in Shorewood. But first, let's set up the problem:

Many men are not keen on shopping. The word alone conjures traumatic images of holding their wife or girlfriend’s purse as she digs through endless racks of clothing for hours just to buy what she already has, or spending time at the mall when a Packer’s game is on…or when paint is drying.

So when it comes to shopping for himself, a man usually wants whatever is quick and easy (i.e. letting the wife pick up whatever she thinks is best while he stays at home watching the game).

But—and no offense to any man’s wife’s tastes—this is the wrong approach.

Not just any old pair of pants will do. Not just any dress shirt with buttons and a collar from a department store or online will say to your boss, “This guy is magnificently capable and you should promote him and invite him to play golf.” A polo shirt tucked into cargo khakis won’t tell your date, or wife, that you have sex appeal.

A smart man knows that dressing well is the key to success in all facets of life and that in order to dress well, a man needs to take an active role in designing his wardrobe.

This is where specialty stores, like Harleys, come in:

Reason #1 to shop in a specialty store

The expertise. Harleys’ expert tailors and sales consultants have decades of experience in menswear and know their stuff. They will find you suits that fit, styles that you feel comfortable in, and of course, they will tell you when something isn’t working (true friends are honest, right?).

Reason #2 to shop in a specialty store

It saves time. A man could waste hours in a department store scavenging through racks for a few things that basically fit, or a few minutes ordering garments online only to return them immediately. With an expert at your side, you get it right the first time.

Reason #3 to shop in a specialty store

The service factor. You can get treated like gold or bulldozed by a mom on a time crunch. Your choice. Harleys is independently owned and therefore has the ability to fine-tune the environment, perhaps to make it more comfortable, or manly.

Once you shop in a specialty store like Harleys, you will find it hard to go back to the mall. Excellent service paired with excellent results is hard to quit. Come into Harleys today and see why.

January 07, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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